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Our journey to opening a Lao Lao Food Truck started long before this whole process. Our fathers first job when he came to the United States as a Lao refugee, was in the kitchen of a small Chinese restaurant and ever since, despite having a full time job to support our family, he has always managed to find himself in a kitchen. Our mother gathered recipes from her memories of cooking with her mother back in Laos when she would help our collect herbs and vegetables from their garden and prepare meals for her 5 younger brothers and sisters. Our parents have always been passionate about making Lao food, everything they prepare is a piece of the life they left behind in Lao in search for better opportunities in America and they are always so willing to share it with their community.

Our menu is inspired by the art of “thum” which in Lao means to smash or combine, we use a pestle (saak) and mortar (khok) to combine the different elements/ flavors of the dish. You all have experienced the beautiful flavors that make papaya salad, Lao Lao will offer an option of having traditional papaya “thum” or be able switch out with cucumber or my personal favorite long bean or some seasonal favorites like green mango. Our mother has mastered "the art of thum” combining techniques to julienne the papaya and bold funky flavors that spark a journey of her memories of Laos. You will also be able choose an option of having Mae’s (Mom's) House Thum which will include her favorite way of making thum like adding vermicelli noodles and Thai eggplant and of course paadek (fermented fish sauce) which is a staple in Lao cuisine. The dish will be accompanied by your choice of protein, a side of sticky rice and pork grinds; Lao Lao style.

Announcing our foodtruck opening is only the first step, we are so excited to share the beautiful flavors of Lao cuisine. If you would like to collaborate with us email us at! We look forward to chatting with you and thank you so much for your support! 

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