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(if it's not spicy, it's not good!)

When our parents came to America as Lao refugees in 1980, their hope is what fueled their ability to navigate such an unfamiliar place. The hope that their children would grow up with a better life filled with endless opportunities. Even though there was a language barrier, it was clear to my parents that food was the foundation, an opportunity to communicate. With Lao Lao Food Truck, they have a chance to say something about where they come from and what they love about the flavors in their kitchen.

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The Chefs

Although never classically trained as chefs, Phouthone (Paw) and Tanh (Mae) Kettisack have spent years gathering and perfecting recipes from memories of their families and Lao traditions. Every dish on the menu represents the love and dedication to preserving Lao food and culture and passing it down to their 3 daughters; Anousone, Malivone and Khonesavanh to share with their families.

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